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Daily Auto News!

2017.10.17 03:00:00

Volvo's Polestar debuts with 600-hp plug-in hybrid; Prescription for subscriptions?; A New York first for GM | Infiniti's leaner lineup; Challenges on the road to self-driving cars.

2017.10.17 01:25:08

Spy photos indicate that FCA will tweak the Ram’s huge chrome fascia grille work, with a shorter grille that better incorporates the headlights. STAGE: Redesign in 2018

2017.10.16 03:30:00

GM Canada workers ratify contract, Equinox output to resume; Cadillac shifts virtual showroom strategy to larger stores; Steel a sticking point for Tesla Model 3?; Daimler recall.

2017.10.13 03:45:00

Ford offers repair to prevent Explorer CO leaks; U.S. asks for more N.A. content in autos - report; Great Wall confirms BMW talks; Horsing around with Nissan, VW, FCA and Polestar.

2017.10.12 03:45:00

GM tension in Canada, downtime in Detroit, investment in Argentina; Exploding problem: Shattered sunroofs; Cargurus IPO; Branson invests in Musk-inspired 'hyperloop' venture.

2017.10.11 03:30:00

Luxury rides, a month at a time; NADA chief on 'factory creep'; Barra clarifies view on China, EVs; Calif. plans to ease way for robocar testing; About that 368-hp Wrangler.

2017.10.10 04:48:39

The four-door version of the Continental GT will get similar updates and switch to the same new platform when it debuts in 2019 as a 2020 model. STAGE: Redesign in 2019

2017.10.10 03:30:00

Hyundai's plan to shake up car-buying; When humans and robo-cars meet by accident; Magna joins BMW-Intel consortium; A NAFTA warning; Celebrity chef's Land Rover really cooks.

2017.10.09 03:30:00

Hot 2017 for Grand Cherokee, F-150; Mitsu's crucial crossover; Marchionne shrugs off Great Wall idea; GM's LIDAR find; Self-driving safety ads; Spied: Front-wheel drive BMW coupe?

2017.10.06 02:45:00

An empty seat atop NHTSA; U.S. Army to enlist GM fuel-cell tech?; Denso makes $1B bet on EVs; Toyota coupe, crossover concepts; Rival disputes Tesla autonomous-car claims.

2017.10.05 03:30:00

Strike saps supplies of Chevy Equinox; Nissan's 'shocking' lapse; New twist on two classic Toyotas; Uber peacemaker move; Mitsubishi airbag recall; Putin in a Tesla? 'Why not?'

2017.10.04 03:30:00

Hurricane recovery's big role in Sept. sales bounce, Snyder's top takeaways, Lexus closing in on BMW; Robo-car bill advances; Vegas auto dealers helping pay victims' medical bills.

2017.10.03 03:45:00

GM, Toyota, Ford power industry to first monthly sales gain of '17; GM blends now to spend later; Why Jeep succeeds in Japan; FCA's brake problem; Hyundai's high-tech rear.

2017.10.02 03:30:00

Helping hand amid Vegas tragedy; Power surge: GM plans at least new 20 EVs, fuel-cell vehicles by '23, Ford creates 'Team Edison', Land Rover electric sedan?; Braman sues Audi, BMW.

2017.09.29 03:00:00

VW's weightier warranty; UAW: Nissan tracking workers' union sentiments; Honda's sporty EV concept; Stein: Stirring up the EV world; Storms stoke Sept. sales?; Ex-Nissan exec to lead CAR

2017.09.28 03:45:00

CarMax criticized for selling vehicles with open recalls; Ford F-450 pushes $100K; Chevy's centennial pickups; Hyundai axes Accent hatchback in U.S.; CAMI talks moved to Detroit.

2017.09.28 03:45:00

CarMax criticized for selling vehicles with open recalls; Ford F-450 pushes $100K; Chevy's centennial pickups; Hyundai axes Accent hatchback in U.S.; CAMI talks moved to Detroit.

2017.09.27 03:30:00

Saudi women drivers: Potential gold mine?; Report: Rivals to outproduce Detroit in N.A.; Audi goes global on EVs; Delphi unit now 'Aptiv'; Pence to visit Axle; Flying taxi demo.

2017.09.26 03:45:00

Toyota to make hybrid powertrains in U.S., invest in five plants; Calif. mulls ban on internal-combustion cars; Spied: '19 Ford Ranger; Uber exiting Quebec; Inventor Dyson plans EV.

2017.09.25 07:10:16

The third generation of the vehicle that jump-started Bentley's modern resurgence debuted this month in Frankfurt and goes on sale in 2018 as a 2019 model. STAGE: Redesign in 2018
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