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Fifth Third Bank Auto Loans

38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, OH, 45263, USA
(866) 535-6267


Fifth Third Bank offers a variety of auto financial services including financing for both autos and trucks. Customers using Auto BillPayer are eligible for a 0.25% APR discount, where payments are deducted from any Fifth Third Bank checking or savings account. There is also a "no payment for up to 90 days" option. Vehicle lease purchase is also available through Fifth Third Bank; more information is available by phone. Applications are available through branches, online or by phone.

Credit Bureau Reporting
Loan Amount$2K - $80K
Payment Options:
Automatic Payments
Check by mail
APR:Starting at 2.74%
Min APR:
Max Loan Term (Months)75
Checking Account Required?
Lend To Military?
Immigration Status Considered:U.S. Permanent Resident
Minimum Age:18
Verification Documents Required:
Driver license (or other photo ID)
Proof of citizenship/residence
Customizable Payment Dates
Joint Loans Available
No Origination Fee
Pre-Approved Soft Credit Inquiry
Approval Speed (Hours)
Deferred Payments
No Late Fees
No Prepayment Fee
1-7 days
Same Day
2-4 weeks
Application Fee
Lease Purchase
Institution TypeBank
New Loan
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June 07, 2017

For the majority of this loan, I paid directly from my bank account. No issues there. I changed my address in 2014, no issues, but they wouldn't change my name (marriage): I could deal with that, too. I went through the automated system about twice a year to verify the amount left on my loan. No issue there until 2017: suddenly it doesn't work, so I have to talk to a rep. They couldn't verify my address, so they wouldn't even let me make a payment. I call back the next day, the rep can magically verify my address. I update my address and telephone, but the department I need for payoff information is closed, they don't have a direct number, and they won't let me make a payment. I call back, and we're back to not being able to verify my address. I received a notice of my phone number change AT MY ADDRESS; when I call, they tell me it's wrong. I went through literally every address I've ever lived at: nada. I've tried making payments and they get rejected. Needless to say, 5 years of o.k. service doesn't make the past 3 months alright. At this point they've dinged my credit score with their incompetence.


March 27, 2017

To say this establishment is Absolutely horrible is a terrible understatement. I got stuck with a loan through them from the dealership where I bought my vehicle. Since there's no online payment option and I never received the required paperwork to set up automatic monthly withdrawals the most convenient way that I found to pay my monthly payment was to call them every 4 months and schedule payments for the next 4 months. The last time I called and scheduled the the upcoming 4 months worth of payments evidently they didn't set anything up. I admit I should have noticed that they weren't taking the payment out of my account but I didn't. I recently received the first piece of mail I've ever got from 5th 3rd and it was from a collection agency. My credit which has always been excellent is now F'ed because they didn't take my money when they were supposed to. The people I've dealt with have not only been extremely rude and unprofessional but they've also gone as far a telling me that it was my fault for not calling each month to be sure the payment was made.... I could go on for pages about how horrible this "business" is but I'll leave it at this. I STRONGLY SUGGEST USING ANYONE ELSE BESIDES 5th 3rd bank.


January 10, 2017

Don't ever get a auto loan with these people they will call constantly even if you think you have been paying on time for a year. They told me I had a 160 dollar interest charge built up. Well ya if you hang on to it for weeks and don't cash the check until after the due date. The lady called me a child cause I told her off. I will be looking for a different loan place. Never been late on anything with good credit. They have lost my business for life These people are loan sharks!


June 02, 2016

They give on charging me erroneous charges. They put lenders Insurance on my vehicle I will never finance a car through them again.


May 19, 2016

I, too, got STUCK with a 5/3 auto loan. There customer service is consistently rude, they have no online payment option (because they want to force you to open an account), and if you pay by phone they charge you $15 bucks. I will NEVER have another car loan through them and will walk away before I get locked into a company that offers zero customer service.


February 10, 2015

I've been paying off my loan with 5 3rd for about three years now. This is my first time calling in with an issue, and the customer service lady is so rude! I didn't have problems in the past, but I had no idea their customer service was so mean. I hope I don't have to call again for the duration of my loan with them.


January 06, 2015

I had my checking and savings accounts with fifth third bank so I figured I'd just get a car loan with them, too. It's been a good experience. Paying directly from my checking account is so easy and I don't even have to think about it. Everything posts the next day, which is great, too.


November 28, 2014

I will NOT do business with 5th 3rd bank again. They royally screwed me over with my car loan. Basically, I got a bill after I paid off my loan for “late fees”. Every time I made a late payment, I paid the late fees associated with them. But now I owe more?? I don't understand!


November 04, 2014

I have been paying off a car loan with them for a few years now. It wasn't a horrible process, but making a payment when you don't have them as a bank is kind of a pain. I'm not sure why they don't make it easier for everyone to pay their bill. I am looking forward to paying them off soon, so I no longer have to jump through hoops to pay my bill


October 23, 2014

Getting a car loan through Fifth Third Bank is really not as horrible as I've heard. Yes, there are easier ways that things can be done, but hey, it really isn't THAT bad. I know you don't get paper statements, but at least you can call in and get a review over the phone. Also, just set up payment through your personal bank! It takes longer, but just be prepared when it comes out.


August 23, 2014

5/3 Bank overcharged me for late fees. I generally make my payments slightly late because of how my pay periods are set up, but they have been charging me more than just the regular amount for the late fees. Also, I have noticed that even when I pay on time, they give me late fees.

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