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Santander Consumer USA Inc 1601 Elm St. STE 800, Dallas, TX, 75201, USA


RoadLoans Overview

RoadLoans is a direct-to-consumer lender that offers auto-based financing and refinancing to customers of all credit types. The company was established in 2000 by Triad Financial Corp., which is owned by the Ford Motor Credit Co., but RoadLoans was purchased by Santander Consumer USA Inc. in 2009. Santander Consumer USA has an A+ rating from the BBB and over $38 billion in assets.

RoadLoans is based in Dallas, Texas, and offers loans across the U.S. However, the company does not offer loans to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, New Hampshire or Nevada.

How Do RoadLoans’ Auto Loans Work?

RoadLoans offers loans for new cars, used cars and refinancing. When seeking a loan for a purchase from a dealer, the vehicle must be nine years old or newer with fewer than 120,000 miles. When seeking a loan for a purchase from an individual, the vehicle must be twelve years old or newer with fewer than 100,000 miles. When refinancing, the vehicle must be seven years old or newer with fewer than 105,000 miles.

What Are the Rates for RoadLoans’ Auto Loans?

With RoadLoans, rates are fixed for the lifetime of the loan and can be as low as 1.99% APR. However, rates depend on a customer's credit and the loan characteristics such as amount, term and vehicle age. There are no prepayment penalties if paying back your loan early.

How Much Money Can I Borrow for RoadLoans Auto Loans?

With RoadLoans, loan amounts can range from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $75,000.

What Is RoadLoans’ Application Process Like?

To begin, you can fill out a loan application form online. After submitting the application, you'll receive an email response in less than 30 seconds, notifying you of the loan decision. Then, you can print out your loan documents and begin working with a dealer, a private party or the lender of your existing loan to finalize the transaction.

How Are RoadLoans’ Auto Loans Better than Other Auto Loans?

- RoadLoans offers competitive rates.

- RoadLoans provides multiple offers.

- You’ll get a loan decision within minutes of submitting an application.

- There are no prepayment penalties.

Credit Bureau Reporting
Loan Amount$5K - $75K
Payment Options:
APR:Starting at 1.99%
Min APR:
Max Loan Term (Months)72
Checking Account Required?
Lend To Military?
Immigration Status Considered:U.S. Permanent Resident
Minimum Age:18
Verification Documents Required:
Driver license (or other photo ID)
Proof of citizenship/residence
Customizable Payment Dates
Joint Loans Available
No Origination Fee
Pre-Approved Soft Credit Inquiry
Approval Speed (Hours)1
Deferred Payments
No Late Fees
No Prepayment Fee
1-7 days
Same Day
2-4 weeks
Application Fee
Lease Purchase
Institution TypeDirect Lender
New Loan
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September 20, 2017

This is slightly complicated so bear with me here. I am in Chapter 7 bankruptcy (BK), which is scheduled to discharge in less than a month. I wanted to refinance while in BK to avoid having the BK court approve the refinance agreement, which a) they do not want to do and b) which would have required that I make another court appearance. California BK courts do not like reaffirmation agreements with existing lenders due to the fact that these types of agreements are not fair to the consumer. In fact, reaffirmation agreements are not really necessary but they have been such a problem that the BK court appoints an additional attorney free of charge to the consumer. With that said, I was very clear and informed that I was in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was never asked any specific questions about my bankruptcy and I was "approved" immediately. However, the paperwork recognized that BK and indicated that I would need trustee approval, which was not going to be a problem, although not truly or legally necessary. Some 10 days later, called to inform me that they couldn't process the loan until after the BK (it happened to be the day after the scheduled hearing, which I did not show up for). Thanks for the incompetence The excuse was made to me that chapter 7's are treated differently than 13's are. That's nice to know after the fact, even though this is, of course, complete non-sense. If they knew the law (if their attorneys actually checked with a BK attorney), they would know it is virtually impossible to make a claim of any kind post the date a BK is filed. For example, my electric bill: I filed on the 3rd and I didn't have to pay for electric for any electric bill owed prior to that date. Everything after the 3rd, can not be included and I am explicitly responsible for . The courts are fair and if I signed an agreement post BK filing (as it was with, they would not allow it to be included in the BK retroactively. Even amendments to a BK 7, must pertain to matters that exist prior to the date of filing. The courts are not just pro-consumer in this sense, they are also pro business and strive to be fair and balanced between the two. Anyway, I am extremely disappointed in The employees, in their fervor and greed to "sign a new deal" they screwed me. Had I known, I would have had 2 weeks to find another solution to my problem. Avoid them - they are incompetent.


March 03, 2016

I received approval for $ 35K for a new car. When I went to a dealer, I was sure that I leave on new car. But when I picked the car and has already agreed with the dealer that I have a bank that has approved me $ 35K. They said they can not approve my loan. I felt disgraced. Awful. As a result, I received a new approval from the other bank, and a smaller percentage. Save your money and do not believe everything they tell you write and speak...


April 23, 2015

Road loans is super easy to use if you already know a dealer who takes them. I have a horrible credit score so I really didn't have a choice in choosing my lender, but luckily a dealer close to me takes them. I got a really nice car with an okay APR, so I'm happy with my choice.


January 30, 2015

I gave RoadLoans an honest chance before deciding that they just were not worth my time and effort. First off, it took me FOREVER to find a dealership that would take my loan. Then, I got such a high interest rate even though my credit score is okay. I can't believe this place. Don't even try.


January 30, 2015

The thing with Road Loans is that you have to use specific dealerships in order to get a car. If you take the time to see which ones work best with RL, you'll have no issue. The dealership I used welcomed my loan and I drove off with a new car that day. I couldn't be happier! I'd recommend Road Loans.


January 04, 2015

I have really bad credit but I still got a big car loan from RoadLoans! I couldn't be happier. It was so quick to apply, and getting approved was even quicker. I'm so happy with my car, and I don't mind paying a higher APR due to my credit. At least I got a loan. That's what I'm happy about.


December 18, 2014

Road Loans is an excellent company if you have nowhere else to go. With crappy credit, I have used them two different times over the years. They have always approved me without any hesitation. I can't complain about the higher than average interest rates, because without them, I wouldn't have a car.


November 22, 2014

I highly recommend using RoadLoans! I have bad credit and they were great at getting me a rate under 8%. I've had better credit in the past and have gotten higher rates! I even checked various other lenders to see if there was a better rate out there. Nope, RoadLoans was the best!


October 07, 2014

When you get a loan from, it is best to go straight to Carmax to get a vehicle. First, I went to another dealership, who did not want to take my RoadLoans money. Carmax had absolutely no issue. Both of them together make the best possible car buying experience!


August 18, 2014

Road loans really is not worth the troubles they will cause you. I literally could not find a dealer in my area that would use my loan from them. I was sick of traveling all over so I ended up going with another company who gave me a similar rate. Unless you know the dealer will take them, don't even bother.


August 14, 2014

I honestly don't know HOW Road Loans gave me an auto loan with my credit, but hey, who's complaining? I actually applied while crossing my fingers. Just false hopes, I guess. WRONG! I was actually approved and after going to CarMax, I got a car! Much to my surprise, but I am not complaining!


July 23, 2014

I cannot recommend Road Loans more! I was so hesitant to even apply- my credit is in the dumps. I got a car that's a few years old, but am happy nevertheless. I have already sent a couple friends to them who have bad credit as well, and they are also happy Road Loans customers.


June 17, 2014

I have had such mixed experiences with RoadLoans. I've also had two friends use them, and they're experiences were very different. One thing I can say is that if you have bad credit, you're going to have an insane interest rate. There is no leeway with this company. Good credit means a good rate!


February 18, 2014

RoadLoans is the worst company. They made me believe I could get a car of my choosing, but that was a complete lie. They limited my car choices and ended up raising my interest rate and even my down payment. It made me unable to get a car. I declined the loan and went elsewhere. Scam artists.


October 27, 2013

What! They tried to give me an interest rate of almost 20% when another company offered me 5%. What a ripoff! Be smart and don't just get the first loan you're offered. If you have decent credit, like I do, you should NOT be paying that much! Watch out and beware!


October 12, 2013

I tried my bank for a car loan and was denied, so when RoadLoans accepted me, it was a relief. I didn't have a problem finding a dealer, just go to Carmax first. My credit wasn't fantastic, but they let me put down a little down payment. Good experience, good process.


October 04, 2013

I have never been a RoadLoans customer, but I have worked at dealerships where people used them to get a car. All I can say is, they are horrible. They charge the highest fees to the dealerships, which is why it is hard to find a compatible dealership if you use them. My advice would be to find another company that offers lower rates, for both the customer and the dealership.


September 17, 2013

I thought RoadLoans took wayyyy too long to fund my car loan. I got approved quickly, but it took about 2 weeks for the dealerships to get the money. I had to wait all that time for my car. It would have been more convenient if it was a quicker process. Speed it up, and it'll be all good.


September 15, 2013

At first I was stoked that I got such a huge amount from RoadLoans for my new car. Then, I saw the interest rate.. I refinanced first chance I got. RoadLoans is really easy, but you'll be paying for it in the end. I'm happy I got the car I wanted, but next time, I'll shop around a bit more for a better rate.


August 07, 2013

I ended up requesting a larger loan from and surprisingly, they gave it to me. With this, I got the car I had my eye on. It was a shock they gave me more than I was approved for, but I'm happy. The payments are more, but I got the car I wanted. I'm as happy as a clam.


July 21, 2013

I have pretty bad credit and I thought that getting a car loan would be impossible. Turns out, RoadLoans made it really easy for me. I was able to put down only a very small amount (the only thing I could afford) and got a nice new car. They are a great lender if you have less than ideal credit and have been turned down other places.


June 17, 2013

It was kind of a pain finding a dealership that would take my loan, but when I did, it was a good experience. I put down a very small amount and got a barely used vehicle. The process (other than finding a dealer) was simple, and I'd use them again in the future.

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