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Chase Auto Finance

P.O. Box 901076, Fort Worth, TX, 76101, USA
(800) 336-6675


Chase Overview

Chase Auto Finance offers loans for new cars, used cars and refinancing. The brand is a division of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., which is a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The corporation has $2.5 trillion in assets, operates in over 100 countries and has more than 240,000 employees.

How Do Chase’s Auto Loans Work?

With Chase Auto Finance, you can finance a new or used car, small truck, SUV or minivan. Most makes and models are eligible. If you are going to apply online, the vehicle must be five years old or newer with 75,000 miles or less. As long as your vehicle is less than ten years old with less than 120,000 miles, you can still apply, but you must do so by phone or in person at a local branch.

Chase works with a network of dealers, which streamlines the process of buying and financing a car. However, if you want to purchase a vehicle from a dealer that’s outside the Chase network, financing through Chase may still be possible if you ask for Chase when applying for funding through your preferred dealership.

What Are the Rates for Chase’s Auto Loans?

The rates for Chase Auto Finance products are influenced by a customer’s creditworthiness, the loan terms, and the vehicle. Rates start as low as 2.49% APR. That rate includes a 0.25% APR discount for having a Chase personal checking account and another 0.25% APR discount for setting up your monthly payments to be automatically deducted from your Chase account.

How Much Money Can I Borrow for Chase Auto Loans?

With Chase Auto Finance, loan amounts can range from $7,500 to $100,000.

What Is Chase’s Application Process Like?

If you’re a current Chase customer and purchasing a car from a dealer in the Chase dealer network, you can apply for a loan online, by phone or at a local branch. If you’re not a current Chase customer or if you’re purchasing a car from a dealer that’s outside the Chase network, the credit decision and closing processes are different, and you may not be able to submit an application directly with Chase. In such cases, you can visit your auto dealer and request to finance your transaction through Chase, which may be an option.

If your loan is approved, you can visit a local branch to close on the loan, or you can request the documents be mailed to you so you can sign them and send them back. Once the completed forms are received, you get your check.

How Are Chase’s Auto Loans Better than Other Auto Loans?

- Chase Auto Finance offers low rates for customers with excellent credit history.

- Current Chase checking account customers can take advantage of APR discounts.

- Chase operates local branches throughout the country.

Credit Bureau Reporting
Loan Amount$7K - $100K
Payment Options:
Automatic Payments
Check by mail
APR:2.49% - 24.99%
Min APR:2.49%
Max Loan Term (Months)72
Checking Account Required?
Lend To Military?
Immigration Status Considered:U.S. Permanent Resident
Minimum Age:18
Verification Documents Required:
Recent pay stubs
Driver license (or other photo ID)
Proof of citizenship/residence
Customizable Payment Dates
Joint Loans Available
No Origination Fee
Pre-Approved Soft Credit Inquiry
Approval Speed (Hours)
Deferred Payments
No Late Fees
No Prepayment Fee
1-7 days
Same Day
2-4 weeks
Application Fee
Lease Purchase
Institution TypeBank
New Loan
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October 06, 2017

Chase Bank is one of the worst companies for an auto loan that I have ever experienced. With a simple procedure to set up auto pay, they succeed in making it a gargantuan task. I could never recommend them to anyone.

I am leasing a Mazda 3 and have had it for a little over a year. During that year I've moved out-of-state, which is a headache in-itself, but add onto that the change in tax payments. It took me 4 months to get my lease account updated and synced up with them. Their customer service reps never contacted me for updates (when they specifically told me they would), supervisors did not care when I escalated the issue, and numerous times my online banking statement indicated that they owed me money, which is crazy. I can't even describe to you the frustration when calling them each month to find out how much I should pay them. As I told them, numerous times, they are a major financial institution > my expectations are that I should be able to log in, see my account balance, how much I owe, and when I owe it (I'd love to see what the actual detail is, but I gave up on that when I asked 3 times for a detailed explanation as to why my payment went up, and instead either received no letter... in the mail because they can only mail stuff... or a letter that says "$0". Useless.) I'm going through this again, only this time I've moved across town. In PA, that means a whole new change in taxes, so currently my balance is -$15. I paid the amount the customer service person told me to pay (and the online banking system told me to pay), but apparently Chase is offering to pay me to drive around my car. Until they get around to reconciling anyway... I work in finance, and credit, and I'm a very financially savvy consumer. This is an embarrassment and I will never get an auto loan or lease through Chase again. It will effect my car decision-making in the future.

Unable to review my account attempted many times, they keep saying my password is wrong

January 19, 2017

'Please continue to hold for the next available specialist' ???? 30 minutes...???? ???? ???? ???? The money paid is history. There are no refunds. No going back. Go far far away.


October 21, 2016

After 1 1/2 yrs still cannot get my Paymatic system functional. Customer Service is polite but ineffective. Worst was putting my problems in writing and sending copies of pertinent info. NO RESPONSE! My rating: NO STARS


August 11, 2016

Horrible. Customer service has no authorization to do anything!!!. They pull up your account yet, it is missing information about my previous calls. Something wrong with I.T. or too lazy to enter info


August 11, 2016

Chase owes me $5000.00. Overpayment amount on lease. Money was credited to dealer payoff after I turned in the car. Customer Service is no help. Finally, gave me an email address to Chase Complaints Executive Office. After 7 weeks of getting a run-around; I hope this works. NEVER USE CHASE.


August 07, 2016

Bad customers service by phobe.. terrible,ugly, stupid hahahahaha bbbbb Raza


August 03, 2016

i tried to get them to remove a bad credit report from 4 years ago they said they coudnt remove it nice way to do bussnies


July 30, 2016

I purchased a car March 16, 2016 from Crown Nissian of Greenville. Ive made all my payments on time and have all my documents. Before leaving the dealership my credit was ran three times before Chase Auto approved my app. Well July 13, 2016 my car was repossessed due,to lack of payments according to Chase Auto records. When i called that morning the representative told me they had not received one payment since day one. LIES!!! The beginning balance of my car loan was 22,400. My credit report states the balance is 21,000. So if NO PAYMENTS were received please explain to me why my balance is lowered. Second please explain to me why each bank statement sent in the mail never had a pervious balance or ANY INDICATION of it being late. Third when I called in every month to make a payment why was only $440.89 taking. Fourth where is my money if it not in my account and isnt going towards my car. Last but not least why are you'll giving me the run around for the last three weeks about taking care of the situation.Ive talk a representative their superior and their superior and gotten no answers. Ive faxed the paperwork they asked for and lost wages and JOB. My credit dropped 100+ points. I was a happy customer at one time but im disappointed unsatisfied and disgusted with Chase Auto and its establishment. T.c.summers


June 16, 2016

Chase Auto Finance is the worst auto finance company I have dealt with. I had an auto loan that I opened with them in November of 2015 which the dealer found for me. The dealer basically dealt with all the paperwork & it was all good & ready for me. I also purchased an extended warranty along with GAP insurance that they also financed for me. I just purchased a new car over the weekend. I decided to keep my business with Chase & took the initiative to go back & forth to the dealer & Chase myself. The loan officer at Chase told me that we could include GAP & it would be no problem. So I allowed them to run my credit once again. Well I ended up getting approved for the loan which was about 30k. I then received a call from a representative along with the loan officer on 3way, for them to tell me that they could not finance my gap insurance. I had the money for the gap if they would've told me this in the first place but unfortunately I had already applied it toward my down-payment. There was absolutely nothing the representative could do for me, her manager, or the loan officer that apparently made a mistake--which still doesn't make sense because they financed it the first time with my other car. Anyways, with all this delay in myour process I ended up having to take my business elsewhere because they did not want to protect their own ASSET by adding the gap insurance. I will NEVER deal with chase again. I ended up financing through my creddit union whom actually financed my gap insurance as well.


March 24, 2015

Chase Auto is a great option if you have filed bankruptcy in the past, or if you have bad credit. They got me a car loan with only 6% interest! I am so happy to actually be able to have a car of my own after I went through all these financial troubles and had to file bankruptcy.


March 02, 2015

After 10 years with my bank, they turned me down for a car loan. I contacted Chase and they approved me. Their customer service is fantastic. I am planning on switching over my checking account to Chase because I want to be a customer of a bank that appreciates their customers.


February 19, 2015

I don't have any credit history to mention, so all the other places I applied for an auto loan gave me such high interest rates. Chase offered the lowest I could find. I appreciate that they give us college students a chance. I am currently working hard to pay off that loan while I enjoy my new car.


January 10, 2015

I am EXTREMELY confused with Chase Auto! I got a notice saying that my interest rate would be lowered due to a year of on time payments. I called cust. Serv. to confirm and they said yes, it's correct. I am still extremely confused because my monthly payments are going to be half of what they were, my loan period is extended, but I didn't refinance. I don't get it..?


December 04, 2014

After plenty of time with on time payments, Chase harassed me when I was two days late for a payment. Only two days, and I paid right away when I could. I tried explaining that things came up, but their collections department is awful. They are so mean and would not take any of my answers. Even after I paid, they were rude.


November 21, 2014

I've had loan in the past with Chase Auto and have never had an issue. Years later, I messed up my credit pretty bad and even filed bankruptcy. Again, Chase Auto gave me a car loan that I could afford. I am very happy that they are good to their loyal customers. I don't know where I would have gone if they hadn't given me a chance (again).


November 14, 2014

Don't use Chase Auto! They literally LOST my title a year ago! After officially paying off my loan five months ago, I still have yet to see my title or any mention of its whereabouts. Calling customer service is pointless because they have no idea either. They are also rude and so unhelpful!! Run in the other direction, do not use them.

October 21, 2014

I got a Chase auto loan through the Mazda dealer where I purchased my car. After my initial visit to the dealership, I did some online auto-finance shopping and managed to leverage online financing offers to negotiate a pretty great rate on my Chase auto loan. Management of the loan is pretty seamless as Chase integrates it's auto-loan products nicely with the rest of its online banking experience. Don't really have anything negative to say.

October 20, 2014

Very positive about the feedback you get from Chase when you ask for auto loan. They process your request quickly and get back to you whether your application has been accepted or not within 48 hours. They also offer you finance at the most competitive rate. I'd recommend Chase since it's a trusted company, it has proven it's success and works in the best interest of the clients.


October 08, 2014

Chase Auto serviced my car loans in my younger years, when my credit was horrible. After paying off everything on time, my husband and I tried to get another auto loan through them and we were declined. I'm not really sure why because Chase also serviced our mortgage and credit cards, which were all in good standing. Confusion..


July 27, 2014

I filed bankruptcy and was convinced that I wouldn't be able to get a loan to get a new car, until Chase came along. They approved me with a really good interest rate especially considering my credit score was so horrible. They have been great in helping me get a car.


June 02, 2014

I really couldn't be more pleased with Chase Auto Finance. Even though my credit score a pretty low and I'd filed for bankruptcy a few years back, they still approved me. I was able to get a brank spankin' new car with a reasonable interest rate. I'm very satisfied even if I am the only one!

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